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Providing greener and cleaner energy for the power, industrial and mobility sectors.

What we do.

Gas, H2 and renewables 

Developing small scale- LNG-to-power, gas-to-power, H2 and renewable energy projects. Which decarbonise existing power generation and meet growing energy demands from cleaner energy.

Microgrid technology

End-to-end Microgrid solution which can be powered by gas, hydrogen and diesel to provide a complete off-the grid power solution. 

Energy Commodities

Sourcing and supplying energy commodities to where it is needed.

Sustainability in numbers

16.2 Gt

of emissions was produced by the electricity and heat sector.

11k+ TW

of electricty generation globally is

from coal and oil 

Only 39%

of global electricity is generated

from low carbon sources

​​As sustainability and climate increase in importance, corporations across all industries continue to be impacted and search for ways to become more sustainable. Corporates are experiencing pressure from investors and stakeholders.:In addition to this the world will need much more energy to power homes and fuel transport for a growing population with rising living standards. But, to tackle climate change, energy must increasingly come from lower-carbon sources.


Our Value Proposition

We provide cleaner and greener energy and can operate across the value chain.

Energy Commodities

Sourcing, transport and supplying energy commodities from where they are produced to where they are needed.

Project Development

Developing power generation projects to reduce the carbon emissions for medium and large energy users.

Energy Technology

Implementing energy technologies such as demand response systems, virtual power plants and energy storage solutions.

Our key sectors 


We help existing and new power producers run their facilities from cleaner power sources.


We help industrials to increase their energy efficiency and reduce emissions by switching to LNG and or implementing energy technologies such as demand response


We can provide energy storage and EV charging  solutions for commercial and utility scale customers

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